Tło Tatra Mountains and Podhale

Gorce National Park

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Created in 1981, it protects the central and north-eastern part of the Gorce. The Carpathian forest is the greatest natural wealth of these mountains. Lower-mixed mixed forests called Carpathian beech are the least changed by man. The highest hills are covered with spruce forest, which occupies the upper floor. In a vast area, the trees live to old age and die, giving way to the younger generation. Rough glades have a special value for the Gorce landscape and nature. They arose as a result of traditional pastoral economy. The remains of the old culture are wooden huts representing regional Zagórz and Podhale architecture. The extensive forest complex together with the mosaic of logs creates the Gorce vegetation and the living environment for numerous animals. Large predators are associated with the primeval forest: wolf and lynx and ungulates. The variety of stands promotes the nesting of many species of birds. Among them are as rare as the eagle owl and the capercaillie. The rich vegetation of forests and flowery meadows creates habitats for invertebrate animals, especially insects. Due to the varied flora and fauna associated with it, Gorce are characterized by great biological diversity. Its preservation is one of the main tasks of the Gorce National Park. Extensive views of the neighboring mountain groups, especially the Tatra Mountains, encourage hiking on the Gorce routes.


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